How it started

Our CEO and Owner Pearl Ubaru has over 14 years tutoring experience and 3 years of teaching experience. Pearl holds a B.S. in Health Sciences with a Pre-Medicine concentration and an M.S. in Statistics with a minor in Management. She began her tutoring career in high school, tutoring her peers; then transitioned to college tutoring college athletes at Baylor University; and now students across Texas in Math, Science, Reading, Writing and Coding. She is a true math nerd who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in tutoring, STEM and education.


I created SiSTEM in hopes that I could bring awareness to this immense disparity experienced by our girls, women and BIPOC; but also provide some sort of a solution. SiSTEM provides students with tutors who double as mentors to help build confidence within themselves and in their academics.

Mission, Vision & Purpose

Our Mission, Vision & Purpose

SiSTEM’s mission is to cultivate a high standard of academic achievement through exceptional educational resources and services that unlock the true academic potential of all students. We strive to encourage the student to take accountability for their learning and we help build that foundation for long term academic success.

Our vision is to provide students with increased access to correlative curriculum that bridges learning gaps, that may be experienced within the education system.

Our purpose is to cultivate confidence within our students, both inside and outside the classroom; and to provide mentorship that help students navigate through their career plans.


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What makes SiSTEM different?

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Hybrid: SiSTEM allows students, parents AND tutors make the decision of how they would like sessions to go. They can choose online tutoring.

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Evaluate: Your first session is on us! During that session, your tutor will begin by getting to know your student, assessing your student’s current needs, and determining goals for tutoring. The tutor will then work alongside the student to gauge how often the student will need tutoring moving forward.

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Tutor: Each tutoring session can be anywhere from 30-minutes or more and is tailored to your student’s needs and learning style. 92% of our tutor base are certified teachers who can provide an optional personalized learning plan, homework help, study support, exam preparation; or assist students in catching up, getting ahead, or focusing on a specific topic.

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Support: Tutors provide session reports to ensure that you, your student, and the tutor are all on the same page. Additionally, we gauge each student’s academic progress through consistent evaluations and collaboration with your student's classroom teacher. The relationship built between the tutor, the student, the classroom teacher, and the parent is essential in helping students build up enough confidence to conquer their classes on their own.

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