How do I sign up for tutoring services?
Create a free account with us to get started. Once you complete your profile, you will be able to sort through our database of amazing tutors and filter your search by location, gender, subject, day of the week, and qualifications to meet your preferences!
Call Now 832-240-5288 and we can help get you started!
Do you provide an assessment?
Your tutor may provide a formal or informal assessment during the first tutoring session.
What makes SiSTEM different from other tutoring companies?
SiSTEM is one of the best tutoring companies around! Our students are confident, encouraged, and excited to learn, and our tutors are consistent and committed to see our students succeed. SiSTEM’s tutoring subscription plans are month-to-month, and you are welcome to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time.
Are your tutors qualified?
All SiSTEM tutors go through a vetting process that allows us to assess them wholly and individually. Every one of our tutors has a minimum of 2 years tutoring or teaching experience. 92% of our tutors are teachers.
How long is one session?
Sessions are one hour long. Anything more than one hour can be overwhelming, and anything less is not sufficient.
How often should my child get lessons?
Your child should do virtual tutoring or in person tutoring as your schedule permits it. Research shows that lessons 2-to-3 times a week allows students to build confidence and begin acing tests and quizzes!
Why do you recommend committing to at least 4 weeks at a time?
Committing to weekly lessons over the course of a month promotes consistency and routine for students. Studies show one-hour sessions provide students with the academic support they need without feeling overwhelmed.
Do you offer test preparation help?
Of course! Our test prep tutors scored above the 90th percentile in their respective exams. They can share quick tips and tricks to tackle any question.
Do you provide a curriculum?
Yes we do! Please contact us for more information on how you can get started.
What payment forms do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards via our payment platform. We do not accept cash, check, or bank transfer.
Do you have a referral program?
Absolutely! We have a loyalty program that includes points for referring students. Ask us for details!
Do you offer group tutoring?
No, we currently do not offer private group tutoring. We do, however, offer group tutoring to students in campus immersion (on school campuses).
What subjects do you offer?
We offer math, science, reading, writing, foreign language, and coding for ages 4 and up. At SiSTEM, we have students in pre-K, elementary school, middle school, high school, and even college! There is no limit to who we can help!
Can your tutors work with my child’s school?
Tutors are welcome to work with your child’s teacher or school with your consent.
How do I contact my tutor?
You are welcome to contact your tutor via email or phone with their consent.
Will I get the same tutor every time?
You may select the same tutor every single session as needed if desired.
May I change my tutor?
You are welcome to change your tutor at any given time by going online and booking a different tutor who may better align with your needs. No hard feelings!
What if a tutoring option is not available?
If a tutoring option is not available, please contact us. We may be able to help customize something for you!
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